Marisa M. Kashino

Reporter and Editor

Washington, DC

Marisa M. Kashino

Kashino is a senior editor and writer at Washingtonian magazine, producing deeply reported features as varied as a two-part investigation into a decades-old murder, the definitive oral history of the John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt scandal, an exclusive dive into the Marriott family feud, and the twisting saga of Donald Trump's crusade to wrest control of Virginia's biggest vineyard. She has twice been a Livingston Award finalist. This is a sampling of her work.



The True Story of Jessica Krug

The white professor posed as Black for her entire career—then it all blew up in the fall of 2020.
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In Memoriam

Seven stories of Black Washingtonians killed by police, and the families left behind.
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A Murder on the Rappahannock

This two-part investigation uncovered new evidence, and was a 2020 Livingston Awards finalist.
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The Covid Divorces Are Coming

Cheating spouses, secret addictions and identities—marriages are collapsing during quarantine.
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How 14th Street Came Back

Fifty years after the '68 riots, a deep dive into how 14th Street became DC's most gentrified corridor.
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"I'm a Billionaire. My Family's Got This Huge Company. Trust Me."

He was a son of one of the nation's wealthiest construction dynasties—and a shameless conman.
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So Others Might House Them

Housing policies at one of DC's most beloved nonprofits actually put people back on the streets.
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The War of the Marriotts

Once heir to the world's biggest hotel empire, John Marriott III goes to war with his famous father.
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Bobbitt vs. Bobbitt

The definitive oral history of the John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt saga, 25 years later.
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How Donald Trump Took Over Virginia's Biggest Vineyard

His ruthless crusade—and the lawsuits that piled up—shows how he really does business.
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Welcome to Wardensville?

A gay DC power couple is transforming a deep-red West Virginia town. It hasn't been easy.
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The Homebuyer's Field Guide to Washington Architecture

Washingtonian's April 2020 cover story, full of intel for those curious about the city around them.
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Marisa M. Kashino

Marisa M. Kashino is a senior editor and writer at Washingtonian, producing deeply reported features as varied as a twisting investigation into a real estate scion turned conman, an exclusive curtain-raiser on the Marriott family feud, and the definitive oral history of the John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt saga. She also oversees the magazine's real estate coverage.

Kashino was a Livingston Award finalist in 2020 for her two-part investigation into a possible wrongful conviction stemming from the decades-old murder of a young mother in a rural fishing town. She was a Livingston finalist in 2015 for her reporting on Donald Trump's crusade to wrest control of Virginia's largest vineyard.

Previously, as a reporter for The National Law Journal, she covered courts, politics, and the business of K Street and Big Law, and spent time in Kabul in 2008 reporting on failed democracy-building efforts.

Kashino grew up near Seattle, and graduated cum laude from the University of Washington in 2007. She lives in the DC area with her husband and several rescue animals.